There are so many dedicated and beautiful souls working to bring balance and freedom to Planet Earth and her inhabitants. We are in constant amazement at the genius that groups aligned with their hearts and Unity Consciousness embody. 

We know that a world free from of the curse of "money" is inevitable, and we are a part of the movement to live aligned to EXCHANGE consciousness rather than wealth consciousness. No one is born and dreams of becoming a slave or a prostitute or a factory worker. No one born dreams of living on land so toxic that it causes disease, or breathing air so filled with chemicals that you can't breathe. Everyone dreams of delicious food filled with the minerals from the soils of a fertile Earth, to nourish and replenish one's cells and tissues. Our breathe is meant to breathe with that of the trees and the sky, exchanging elements, in synchrony and harmony.  All of us here feel this as a memory in our bodies. A memory of Unity - a memory of Cooperation - a longing for the return of Harmony and Peace.

One of the ways we are supporting the creation of a new way of doing things, is to take part of the energy of exchange between us and you. Since the 1980's we have both been involved in projects and experimental ways of building alternatives to the economy and deprogramming "work" expectations and slavery imprints. We write more about that HERE.

We would love to participate with you in creating value exchange - if you are interested in receiving from us, please contact us. 

Thanks for participating with us!