There Have Been A Series of Shifts

All of us have been moving into a different frequency band of consciousness, as higher vibrational energies have been flooding this part of our solar system, creating shifts in crystalline matrices. For those who want to fully awaken, there are now more openings to further en-lighten flesh with spirit, and live as conscious multi-dimensional beings.

Perhaps you have been feeling outside of time more and more, and out of step with your old identities, and what you identified as your life.  You might be exhausted and feeling a deep transmutation in your body, or you might be feeling a lot of emotion.

In order to remain steady during these high energy influxes, it is helpful to embody neutrality, and fill ourselves with (our) Source energies. The way varies for each of us, but there are practical steps that can be taken to clear ourselves of bindings. Bindings in the form of over identification with thoughts, with conditioning, with the collective (un)consciousness, with illusory cultural constructs, and bindings in the form of emotional pain and spiritual fracture.  Many wise people have pointed to the invisible threads that bind us and create attachment, and there are many tried and true ways to illuminate and eliminate them.

In a world, where the dominant theme is consumption, and where Love is valued less than rational thought, we are holding a space for All of Us to cultivate HeartVision. As we transmute our physical eyes to see what is felt, and feel what is seen, we become vessels for our own Divinity, and a conduit of Cosmic Love.

We are here as part of the reclamation of human and earth bodies.

This transmutation process is an awakening, and requires us to cast off illusions and ego attachments so that we may perceive reality through as clear a lens as possible. It is up to each of us as free spirits to know what level of freedom we seek in this life, and gauge our inner clearing and integration work based on this lifepath mission.

Reclaim Sovereignty
Understand what influences have been keeping you from honoring your Soul
Become Heart-Sourced
Remove blockages that keep you from living from your heart center
Remove Programming
Learn how to discern between your energy and programming
Break bonds
Release contracts throughout time with people, "gods" and other entities
Recall Yourself from Time
Call back parts of your multi-dimensional selves 
Ignite Your Inner Flame
Turn on and connect your Eternal nature to Source
Become Balanced with Nature
Bring your cells, organs, body, emotions, thoughts, soul and spirit into harmony with Gaia.
Live from your Higher Self
Become sourced from above your 3rd dimensional reality

The Experience of Timelessness

Duality is collapsing for those of us who are clearing out ego-based identification and conditioning, and moving towards our center, our higher hearts - our portal to our eternal selves and Source nature. 

Many of us have been choosing to move away from material constructs that don't resonate with our inner values.  Many of us have been awakening to unseen realms, choosing to assist the nature kingdoms and earth grids find balance again.

 We Can Integrate Truth and Illusion

These are intense times for us all, filled with great inspiration. Although there is global turmoil, it is a sign of the expulsion of oppressive energies as new forms based on dominion take root. It may take another 100 years, but domination is an old story, and is not part of awakened humanity's future.

We are here if you need witnessing and support on your journey. We guide from direct experience of these shifts and openings, and are here as a bridge between realms.

While this journey of spiritual reclamation is deeply personal, we offer guidance for the move into the template for living free on our beautiful planet. We have both been through extensive healing journeys, and are familiar with the process of becoming whole, integrated human beings. We especially understand the turmoil of those of us who are here to assist in the awakening, and are extremely sensitive to energies.

We work mainly with clients remotely, via skype and phone.