We are here as part of the reclamation of human and earth bodies.

For a long time material reality has been about duality and separation - white/black, positive/negative, good/bad, spirit/matter. But human life doesn't have to be about dichotomies. It is possible to be on the material plane AND in-spirit matter. In fact, it is the human's natural state to be an aligned multidimensional being, who en-lightens the flesh with spirit. All of nature in it's untampered state is this way. At this time, many of us are returning to this knowing, as higher vibrations flood the earth's consciousness fields. In addition, many of us have been choosing to assist the nature kingdoms find balance again. 

In order to remain steady during these high energy influxes, it is essential to embody neutrality as much as possible. This requires the release of programming and the healing of fracture. While this journey of spiritual reclamation is deeply personal, there are aspects of it that are collective, impacting the galactic-to-earth fields as each one of us heals. We can come together to support each other during the more difficult parts, like emotional healing, ego-death, mental deprogramming, and soul retrieval. We are here as one potential avenue of support, via our sessions and this website.

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