To truly know ourselves, is a beautiful act of courage and freedom.

In a world, where the dominant theme is consumption, and where Love is valued less than rational thought, we are holding a space for All of Us to cultivate HeartVision. As we transmute our physical eyes to see what is felt, and feel what is seen, we become vessels for our own Divinity, and a conduit of Cosmic Love.

This transmutation process is an awakening, and requires us to cast off illusions and ego attachments so that we may perceive reality through as clear a lens as possible. It is up to each of us as free spirits to know what level of freedom we seek in this life, and gauge our inner clearing and integration work based on this lifepath mission.

While this process is ultimately a personal and solitary journey, there are times when we might need to call on witnessing and support in strengthening our connections to our multidimensional selves. We are here to facilitate you, with a variety of ways to support your Reconnection to your Core and Essential Self so that you may continue to walk your path with ease and grace.

Reclaim Sovereignty
Understand what influences have been keeping you from honoring your Soul
Become Heart-Sourced
Remove blockages that keep you from living from your heart center
Remove Programming
Learn how to discern between your energy and programming
Break bonds
Release contracts throughout time with people, "gods" and other entities
Recall Yourself from Time
Call back parts of your multi-dimensional selves 
Ignite Your Inner Flame
Turn on and connect your Eternal nature to Source
Become Balanced with Nature
Bring your cells, organs, body, emotions, thoughts, soul and spirit into harmony with Gaia.
Live from your Higher Self
Become sourced from above your 3rd dimensional reality

While there is nothing to fix about ourselves, there are typically energies blocking our full expression via trauma, injury, or a lack of clarity on our part that led us to give power away to external forces.  We can then be pulled off our center, and live out of alignment with our authenticity, and find ourselves feeling out of sorts, empty and longing for more. 

Additionally, living in a material reality automatically places limits on our full spiritual expression. 

In calling ourselves back, we identify and remove foreign energies, and close breaches in our spiritual layers and bodies, through emotional healing, soul retrievals, and mental and physical cleansing. As we remove foreign energies, we open our flow into all our channels and are able to evolve into a higher octave expression of our selves.

At this time, there are many helpful energies to support this movement, and these changes can happen more quickly and easily than in the past, so that you can be more of your authentic self and fully expressed in your uniqueness.

Reclaim your Inner Balance

Collaborate with high vibrations to transmute
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